Social Media Policy


The MondoTrentino Village platform is a virtual space that aims to unite Trentino residents everywhere in a large community. The management of spaces and contents is overseen by an editorial committee (hereinafter the editorial staff), made up of the provincial structure responsible for emigration of the Autonomous Province of Trento, the Associazione Trentini nel Mondo and the Union of Trentino families all over the world. ‘abroad.

The MondoTrentino Village platform was created to inform, communicate, listen and foster relationships between individual participants, to stimulate participation, discussion, interaction and dialogue on issues regarding TRENTINO AND ITALIAN EMIGRATION, Trentino, its culture and its territory. In these spaces and with these activities, we intend to pursue institutional and general interest purposes and, at the same time, share ideas, values ​​and emotions.



The spaces of the Platform are constantly updated with the publication of information on new opportunities, tenders, events and news. Textual content, photographs, infographics, videos and other multimedia materials are published under the Creative Commons Attribution license (CC-BY), except in cases expressly indicated.


Rules of use

The editorial team undertakes to manage communication and dialogue spaces within the MondoTrentino Village platform, asking its interlocutors – who have the opportunity to actively participate through forms of interaction (such as , for example, comments or messages) – to observe some rules.

  • The editorial team invites you to have a polite, pertinent and respectful conversation.

Therefore, he asks everyone to express his opinion with fairness and measure, based as far as possible on verifiable factual data, and to respect the opinions of others.

  • In social channels everyone is responsible for the content they publish and the opinions they express.

Insults, vulgarity, offenses, threats and, in general, violent attitudes will not be tolerated.

  • The published contents must always respect people’s privacy. References to facts or details without public relevance and which damage the personal sphere of third parties should be avoided.
  • Each discussion is linked to a specific topic of general interest: it must be respected, avoiding broadening the discussion in a generic and indiscriminate way .
  • No form of advertising, spam or promotion of private interests or illegal activities will be tolerated.</i
  • Contents that violate copyright and the unauthorized use of registered trademarks are not allowed.< /i>



Moderation by the Editorial Board within the spaces of the Platform takes place retrospectively, i.e. at a time following publication, and is aimed solely at containing, in the times and ways reasonably demandable, of any conduct contrary to the rules of use listed above.


In particular, the editorial staff reserves the right to:

  • do not respond to inappropriate comments or comments relating to statements by political subjects and their choices;
  • remove comments that are inappropriate and/or irrelevant to the particular topic published (off topic), vulgar, defamatory and/or slanderous, contrary to privacy and racist, as well as to intervene on comments deemed illegal, on contents that violate the interest of a legal property or of third parties; on contents of an advertising nature and more generally that use messages for commercial purposes (promotion, sponsorship and sale of products), on spam and on interventions inserted repeatedly;
  • block users who become the protagonists of actions in the cases listed above, repeated or single of particular gravity, reporting the user to the moderation filters of the host social network.



The processing of users’ personal data follows the policies in use on the various platforms used (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.). In any case, sensitive data contained in comments or interventions within the Platform will be removed. The data shared by users through private messages will be treated in compliance with Italian privacy laws.


Contact Us

Users can direct their reports (for example abuse or copyright infringement) to:

MondoTrentino Village editorial team