Welcome to Mondo Trentino Village

Welcome to the official community of Trentino people living in the homeland and around the world !

If you want to get to know the stories of people like you who feel the Trentino heritage in every corner of the world, exchange ideas and useful tips, do activities together such as learning or conversing in a language or organizing a trip and much more, this is the right place: the platform is simple and intuitive. Create your profile, enter a few details about your work, your passions and immediately connect with other Trentino people around the world!

This community is the result of a long and participatory process that the Autonomous Province of Trento has carried out with the Associazione Trentini nel Mondo and the Unione Famiglie Trentine all’Estero. The goal is to animate a digital place where people like you who live in MondoTrentino can feel closer to their roots and, at the same time, expand the community on a global scale!

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